1. Turbulence structure and particle transport in particle loaded non-Newtonian Fluids(Supervision : S. T. Johansen (NTNU/SINTEF), Pål Skalle (NTNU), Rune Time (UiS), Ernst A. Meese (SINTEF))
  2. Agglomeration and transport of drilling-generated particles in directional oil wells { analytical study ( Lennon ONaraigh & Ricardo Barros, School of Mathematical Sciences and Complex and Adaptive Systems Laboratory, University College Dublin)
  3. Hole cleaning – An Operator's perspective (Statoil)
  4. Model for Control Design ( Liv A. Carlsen & Hardy B. Siahaan, IRIS)
  5. A generic model for developed  boundary layer flows ( Stein Tore Johansen, Sintef/ NTNU)
  6. PhD Presentation October 14, 2014 ( Isak Swahn, Institute for petroleum technology and applied geophysics, NTNU)
  7. Adwell CFD Activities First Status Report ( Jafar Mahmoudi, IRIS)
  8. CFD Guidelines and Concepts Status and plan ( (Sintef, AdWell Open Seminar)
  9. Guidelines and concepts for real-time models (IRIS)
  10. Experimental Analysis of Cuttings Transportation in non- Newtonian Turbulent Well Flow (Milad Khatibi, UiS)